Cyvica Biography

Cyvica Biography

Cyvica Video-Photo Ltd

Our company since 1986 has been dealing with professional artistic photography of marriages, christenings, studio portraits, etc. We believe that the photograph has the value of a work of art. We own one of the best-equipped photographic studios where we do the larger portion of our work. We are a small tight knit team of image-makers. Over the last 35 years, we have carefully built the “CYVICA Method”, a proven approach to wedding photography that has led us to become the industry they all love.

The photographs speak for themselves, they distinguish a classic style and the right lighting. It’s the perfect combination of beautiful soft lighting, the candid shots that capture human emotions so-perfectly, and all the details! Photographing for us is love and passion and we believe that this is the secret to our success.

Events are magical in their own way and pass by so quickly. The extra reason why photography is an extremely important part of every event, as photos are the one thing that will last long after all is done and over. Everyone wants their special moments to be the most memorable and beautiful thing that will happen in their life. We make sure that these moments are captured forever.

Member of:

  • Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB)
  • Master Photographer Association of London
  • Photo Marketing Association USA
  • Cyprus Professional Photographers Association
  • National Geographic
  • Photographic Association of Cyprus
  • British Institute of Professional Photography
  • Society of Wedding Professional Photographers